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Some of the dialogue is very funny and there are always great character actors in Sidney Lumet's movies; this one is no exception.

In very small parts are Marilyn Cooper, Deborah Rush and Marilyn Sokol.

At the start of any film there is a kind of barrier separating the actors.

The way Sidney works, with a lengthy rehearsal time prior to the production, you're at a place when you start shooting that you wouldn't be in most other pictures until you were halfway through them".

Father and son do not get along and always seem to be arguing about one thing or another.

If anything is open for critcism here, its the casting of Connery, Hoffman and Broderick as grandfather, father and son, but no one seems to mind that.

Hoffman's wife is a Jewish woman, played by Rosana De Soto, who was Richie Valen's mom in "La Bamba" and Edward James Olmos' wife in "Stand And Deliver".

Connery is a life-long trouble maker who was never much of a father but loves his grandson very much and has some pride about their all working together.

He argues with his son..father and son do not get along, again.

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