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Prince Edward was the victor but he refrained from killing Adam de Gourdon and instead showed mercy.

He took him back to the royal court to meet with the King and Queen to ask for his life.

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“With a joyful heart I grant your prayer, And I bid the Gordon live.”Barley Pound and the siege castles As well as the castle at Barley Pound, there were also two other medieval castles close by, Powderham and Bentley.In Williams- Freeman’s day he also encountered the same overgrowth problem but said he could still recognise its features.He described it as having “a roughly circular shell keep at the south- eastern corner of the wood with an inner bailey on the south-west bounded by a bank about 7 feet high and 11 feet above the bottom of its ditch” (Williams-Freeman 1915, 306-307) Figure 4 -Map showing the defensive outlines of all three medieval castles.Figure 3- Map from 1870 showing Barley Pound Castle as a “Supposed Roman Amphitheatre “ and Powderham Castle as a “Roman Intrenchment.” In 1915, Williams-Freeman author of describes Barley Pound as one of the best examples of a ring and bailey fortress in the county (Williams-Freeman 1915, 306).It is one of his highlights on his walking trail from Alton to Basingstoke – one of several routes he devised to take you around the defensive earthworks of the county.

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