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Like in San Andreas, there are also local highways, though the cars on them do not go above 15 mph (in San Andreas, the cars go 45 mph on the highways).The highways are not accurate to the New York City (Broker-Dukes Expressway East Side=Belt Parkway; BDE Broker Bridge Side=Unknown; Algonquin-Dukes Expressway West Side=Unknown; ADE FIA Side=JFK Expressway; Union Drive West=West Side Highway; Union Drive East=FDR Drive/Harlem River Drive; Plumbers' Skyway=Pulaski Skyway) though they provide fast rides if you go faster through traffic. One of the 2 ways are First Aid Kits (similar to Heart circles in older games).Local taxis also give you a ride if you hold the "get in the car" button (XBOX=Y; PS3=▲).  The main airport in all of Liberty Cities is the Francis International Airport located in Dukes.Rockstar put 2 different police vehicles (Police Patrol=Chevy Impala Police; Police Cruiser=Ford Crown Victoria Police).They also include Firetruck, Airtug (Modified Baggage), Ambulance, FIB Buffalo (Similar to the FBI Cruiser only the agency has changed its name to Federal Investigation Bureau), Anihilator (police Chopper), and more. The Bus (Modified Orion V bus) and Subway (R-32 Cars) are the main public transportation vehicles in the whole entire series.The train bridge looks just like the JFK Airtrain bridge however it doesn't sound like it.  Like in the other Liberty City, there is a subway system.

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to meet Kiki and Carmen, use the computer at the [email protected] cafe.

Alderney does not have the subway system because it serves as an individual state (Alderney State).

When waiting for the train to arrive, always listen for the announcement (The train that's approaching is the [train line] train bound for [train's next stop] station.).

In GTA IV, there are 5 boroughs (Broker=Brooklyn; Dukes=Queens; Bohan=Bronx; Algonquin=Manhattan; Alderney=Part of New Jersey near New York), but there is no Staten Island.

You play as a Russian-Yugoslavian named Niko Bellic who escaped the war and boarded a ship to his cousin's (Roman Bellic) hometown.

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