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According to local media Radartimika.com, some attendees of the prayer service had submitted three demands to Freeport.

The first was to give the position of people's empowerment division head to a member of one of the seven main tribes in Papua.

Soetjipto, to be present at the meeting to discuss their demands, which included appointing locals to lead the company's community development division.

A daughter of the late Papua affairs manager stepped out of the meeting and spoke to the crowd gathered outside, not long after which the mob began destroying the building.

This led Indonesia to be treated almost as a pariah nation and underpinned East Timor's rapid shift to independence in the wake of Suharto's fall.

While modern technology allows West Papua's riches to now be exploited, it also allows the stories and images of Papuan suffering to emerge.This sends the clearest possible message that Jakarta intends to deal with the Papuan separatists' insurgency with lethal force, rather than diplomacy and negotiation.Many activists have been arrested and a concerted effort is underway to break the back of the urban based, non-violent Papuan rights organisations, such as Tabuni's KNPB (Komite Nasional Papua Barat).About 40 cars and 12 motorcycles were damaged, and two cars were burned.They also burned one room of the office, but the fire did not spread beyond that.

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