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Soon after, Blaire receives a video of Jess freaking out and blood on the door, she also receives a video of Jess with a curling iron forced down her throat, killing her."billie227" then messages Blaire and Mitch, wanting them to confess who uploaded the video in the first place.Shortly afterwards, they are interrupted by their classmates Jess Felton, Ken Smith, and Adam Sewell.The group notices a user named "billie227" in their chat, who was not invited by any of the participants.Jess states she did not upload the photos and deletes them, but the pictures reappear on Adam's account."billie227" then posts a video of Laura Barns recording a video similar to that of Amanda Todd, a Canadian girl who committed suicide in 2012 after being bullied and sexually blackmailed.Mitch retaliates by forcing Adam to admit that he gave a fellow classmate roofies at a party, date-raped her when she was unconscious and then forced her to get an abortion when he discovered that she was pregnant.

He noted that the nature of bullying had changed since he was in school, as the Internet allowed for bullies to continue their actions even after school hours.Val is suddenly brought back into the chat, in a laundry room next to an open bottle of bleach, sitting so still the group initially believes the video is frozen but then is shown falling to the floor.The five classmates soon learn that Val is dead, presumably from drinking the bleach, and that the police have ruled it as a suicide through the police codes they overhear through Skype.Blaire tells Jess that she is going to get help and goes looking for help on Chatroulette.She asks a stranger to call 911 and send a police unit to Jess' house.

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